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Couple Sessions

Probably one of the most fun, engaging sessions in a wedding, is the pre-wed shoot. We love Pre Wedding shoots, as it allows us to know our couples better and break the ice between us and many times between them too. We try to capture excellent images of our couples in normal situations, simply being themselves. We plan short stories and make them pose like authentic models. All of this can be used later on as backdrop for the invitations, the thank you cards, the table placements and the other stationery used for the wedding.In the last years due to lack of time during the wedding, many couples prefer a more relaxed photo shoot after everything is over and they are back from their honeymoon.So we are here to bring back all the magical moments of the wedding and why not..all the romanticism, love, that was hidden during those days.And for all who are looking for a special gift, here you have a wonderful occasion to give a magnificent surprise to your loved one.

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